Highly Motivated Digital Assassin obsessed with Google Ads

If you’re looking for a reliable, smart google ads specialist, you just might get lucky. Because by the end of this page, you’ll either have found your new google ads specialist OR a puppy dies.

Dear reader,You might wonderWho the hell is this guy and why did he apply for a job?Allow me to introduce myselfMy name is Sam,Although I prefer to refer to myself as a digital assassin 😊I'm a highly analytical person who loves google adsThe more technical it gets, the betterAlso preferably lead gen (e-com still catching up)

How Did I get Here?

Allow me to explainI have always chosen to go my own way and pick the path less traveledThis led me to a degree in construction and managementAfter my degree I fell into a relationship and I quickly needed to provide for my familySo I started job huntingThe second job offer I got I tookNow this was for a plumber!I knew nothing about plumbing!Yet with my enthusiasm and willingness to learn I was hired on the spotProject manager role here I come!I quickly realized how soon I was thrown into the lion’s denMy boss was available to answer questions yet it became clear to me fast that I’d had to learn everything on my own on the spotDoing my job well while learning the job at the same was incredibly difficult at timesYet it was also profoundly rewardingThis was actually really funny in the beginning because from my first day on the job I got assigned multiple teams to manage and guide on big building projectsI quickly got into a routine of waking up every day at 5 AM and often not leaving work before 6 pmI was doing consistent 12 hours days for at least a year straight

Everything Changed

I lost my job because of economic conditions and me being the newest member of the team

I needed a changeI've always been interested in digital marketingI had distant dreams of building a big online businessI came across something called "a remote cleaning business"So I started looking for ways to advertise and market my servicesGoogle ads were of course an optionAnd I didn't care much about it until...Until I saw this random long-form video ad from this company called "sol8"It was weird yet refreshingI had never come across an ad like thatJust giving me pure valueI quickly subscribed and started digging around their ecosystemI was highly impressedTheir philosophy and mindset were really inspiringFrom that moment forward I knew now that this is my callingI need to become a highly trained & skilled Google Ads SpecialistSomeone who ONLY does google ads :)

Some Of My Certifications

  • Santosh's batch 1 + batch 2 google ads course

  • DigitalMarketer Customer Acquisition Specialist

  • GA4 Online Course by Analytics Mania

  • GTM Online Course By Analytics Mania

  • Optimization & Testing Specialist - DigitalMarketer

  • Google Ads Search Certification

  • GTM Tracking

  • GA4

  • Previous Copywriting Experience

  • Had my own cleaning company in Belgium for a while

  • English Proficiency

  • Willing to do whatever it takes